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Please check Facebook for current offerings.

Before coming out to the farm, we recommend checking our Facebook page for the most up-to-date offerings and our season closing date. Most farm markets in the area have had outstanding sales as more families are taking outdoor-oriented day trips.

Christmas Tree Species & Pricing

Why Choose a Real Christmas Tree?

Blue Spruce Christmas Trees

Blue Spruce


Short-needled tree with beautiful blue tint with excellent branch strength-the standard by which all other trees are compared for color.
White Pine Christmas Trees

White Pine


Graceful long-needled tree native to the eastern United States known for its scent and needle retention. The perfect tree for lighter ornaments.
Concolor Fir Christmas Trees

Concolor Fir


Up and coming long-needled tree known for its bluish hue and citrus scent.
Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir


Most popular tree in the US, bluish green short needles on strong branches to hold heavy ornaments.
Norway Spruce Christmas Trees

Norway Spruce


Aromatic short-needled tree with strong branches.
Scotch Pine Christmas Trees

Scotch Pine


Strong short-needled branched tree that holds heavy ornaments well, also retains needles well.
Douglas Fir Christmas Trees

Douglas Fir


Aromatic short-needled tree with strong limbs, our most popular variety.
Canaan Fir Christmas Trees

Canaan Fir


A kissing cousin to the Fraser Fir, has a green hue and soft, supple branches with short needles.

There are two ways you and your family can enjoy a Clouse's Pine Hill Farm Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees

Choose and Cut Christmas Tree in Winchester, VA

What to expect when choosing your own Christmas tree

There is nothing like bringing the family out to the farm and searching for that perfect Christmas tree! You will have plenty of species and sizes to choose from. Keep in mind that your perfect tree might be part of a larger tree. Bring your family, imagination, and Christmas spirit!

Items Provided

Things to Bring

Christmas Trees

Precut Christmas Trees Winchester, VA

How to buy a precut Christmas tree

In addition to all of the cut-your-own Christmas tree species we also will have a selection of pre-cut trees in Concolor Fir, Norway Fir, and Canaan Fir to choose from.

Items Provided

Things to Bring